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What would happen if specialists in programming, computer and Internet sciences met with passionate photographers?
Well .. Let me introduce you to our new tool in the world of 360-degree imaging, with many additions and specialized services that provide comprehensive solutions for your business, and guarantee you quality service and outstanding performance, and most importantly, our competitive prices…
So what are we talking about here?
Simply Swivi is an app compatible with mobile browsers and can be used on a computer as well.
It converts the video of your products into a moving image by touching it on the screen, that is, if you have a product that needs to be viewed from several angles, and you need more than one image to display the product in an attractive way to the eye, our service surpassed the classic image of the products, by providing an animated 3D image Depending on the movement of a finger on the screen … it’s great, isn’t it?You can try it by clicking this button

Take a look and come back to continue our conversation

Do you like the idea and want to try it yourself?
Here is more good news
Once you register for the service, you will get 3 credits for free

1- Click here to register a new user

2- Click here to view more options

3- Fill in the required fields, then click on Create My Account

4- Congratulations !! You have successfully completed the login process. To verify the account by e-mail, visit your e-mail address and click on the special link inside the message.

5- Log out of the site and then log in again to not complete the process and we will begin using the site.

6- Click here to start uploading a 360 video

7- Click here to upload a new post

8- You can upload three videos for free, in two ways, the first is through direct shooting from the mobile phone camera, and the second way is by uploading a previously saved video on your mobile phone or on your PC.

10- You can control the length of the video and choose the useful scenes from it. The length of the video in this example is 15 seconds, which is the duration of the product rotation one full cycle. When you are satisfied with the video, press the upload button.

11- Press the test button to see the post in 360 degrees and move it by sliding your finger on the screen.

12- Congratulations !! You have successfully created your first post,
Notes: It is recommended that the duration of the video does not exceed 15 seconds
– You can upload videos in Landscape mode, but the program will display them in square frames
– You can upload videos in portrait mode, which are suitable for long or fashion products.
– To upgrade to the available packages, you can contact us to provide you with the appropriate promo code for your needs, and we also provide product photography service at competitive prices